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As a job seeker you came to the right place, because our agency, Khaleej contact, is an agency that was created for experienced people to help them to find better jobs, and better opportunities that are suitable with their profiles either in their country or abroad.

So, you want a good profession that suits your profile? You have an acceptable level in English? Are you ready to pass job interviews? Then welcome ‘Khaleej Contact’s world’.

General Advices

CV advices:

  • Be brief in your CV, means, try to mention your main professional experiences but in brief and leave details and explanations until the day of the interview.
  • Make sure that your CV doesn’t contain any mistakes, neither spelling mistakes nor the grammatical ones.
  • Don’t forget to write your email and phone number ‘it’s ok to write more than one phone number’.
  • Highlight your interests and activities.
  • And make sure that your CV is related to the job offer you are applying for.

How to prepare for Job interviews:

  • Prepare yourself for common questions like present yourself, and tell me about your professional experiences… etc.
  • Make sure you look good and wear professional/ classy outfits.
  • Feel confidant, and know what you want.
  • Always take with you a copy of your CV, copies of your job references, and some copies of your diplomas.

Recruitment Steps

These are the steps and stages that you need to pass through in order to get the job of your dreams :

Khaleej Contact’s staff ensures that a preliminary detailed examination of the candidate’s profile is done before registration. We make sure that the candidate’s profile is suitable for the offers that we receive in terms of trainings and experiences.

If the candidate’s profile is convenient, he/she will have to undergo an oral English test. The candidate’s level will determine whether his/her application will be accepted or not and also what kind of job he/she can apply for.

Note: Candidates who apply for work in hypermarket as butcher, baker, pastry man…are exempted from passing this test.

After the candidate’s application is accepted, he/she should deposit the following documents in our office:

–  2 English CVs.

–  4 Passport Size Pictures.

–  1 Full Size Picture.

–  Copy of Work & Training Certificates.

–  Copy of Education Degrees (Diplomas, Certificates).

–  Copy of the Identity Card.

–  Copy of Passport.

– Police clearance certificate.

To benefit from our recruitment services, the candidate needs to pay the registration fees when she/he deposits his/her documents. This will allow him/her to benefit from interviews for one year starting from the date of registration.

Our Agency receives various job offers for different positions, and from different Gulf countries. Each job offer demands a specific profile depending on the vacancy. In This   Context, Only The candidates who have suitable profiles are convoked accordingly to pass the interviews.

The pre-selected Candidates pass either Face to Face Interviews or indirect ones ‘online’.

5.1- Face to Face:

Our Agency organizes face to face interviews when recruiters prefer to come to Morocco and interview candidates directly. In this case, we convoke all candidates whose profiles respond to the requirements of the vacancy.

5.2- Indirect:

Some of the interviews that we arrange are online. In this case, the recruiting company pre-selects the candidates who will pass the interview after receiving suitable resumes from our side.

After the interview, we receive a feedback from the recruiter who informs us about the selected candidate‘s’. The selection is 100% the recruiter’s decision and our Agency cannot interfere in this matter/process.

When the selected candidate receives the offer letter “contract” and signs it we send it to the recruiting company, and once the latter receives it along with some documents, they apply for the candidate’s visa.

P.S:  This contract is either paid by the candidates or by the company.

The recruiting company takes charge of applying for the visa of the selected candidate‘s’, means, our agency cannot determine whether or when the visa will be released.

P.S: Unlike the other Gulf Countries, the recruitment in KSA is different, in sense that, applying for a visa takes a different procedure. The selected candidate is the one who applies for the visa in an authorized office that takes in charge all the visa process.

After that the visa is stamped on the passport, then comes the last step which is the reception of the flight ticket. The selected candidate gets the flight ticket in duration of 15 days from receiving the visa. Once the company sends the ticket, it is ready to receive the candidate and integrate him in its staff/team.

Our Agency ‘Khaleej Contact’ follows the candidates and wishes them the best of luck in each stage of all these steps mentioned before, until they reach their working place there.