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Khaleej contact has a lot of unique values that make our brand a more special one. Some of these values are:

1.1- Unique philosophy

Khaleej contact has a unique philosophy which can be obvious through our services. We’ve built our business based on honesty, integrity, and mutual respect between us and our recruiters/candidates. In Khaleej contact we always keep our promises towards our recruiters and candidates at the same time.

1.2- Enviable Reputation

Our Agency gained an enviable reputation within the recruitment industry throughout the years for providing jobs for qualified candidates, and for helping companies fill their vacancies in a faster way.

1.3- Our wide scope of services

We always ensure a wide range of services, which makes the employment and the interview’s procedures easier for our clients. These services include:

  • Reception f recruitment delegations.
  • Arrangement of interviews.

Travel formality’s arrangement for the recruited candidates.

Our eighteen years of seriousness and hard work helped us to gain a good reputation and our partners’ trust. We have a special team who is devoted to offer the best services to our recruiters.

Our recruitment process follows certain strictly respected steps, namely, discussing and agreeing on the terms and conditions with our partners. After the agreement ,both sides, sign the contract so that our agency start the recruitment process- after receiving the offer with the required positions and the date of the recruitment-  with respected to the signed contract.


Khaleej contact has been the first choice of many international recruiters for eighteen years now. The choice is the result of our good reputation, hard work, and seriousness. Other reasons that made recruiters choose our agency are:

  • Our strict selection of candidates
  • Our offices location ‘within the capital of Morocco’
  • We offer to our recruiters meeting and interview rooms that are well equipped with computers, data show, internet… etc.
  • We also have 3 waiting rooms for candidates
  • Khaleej contact has two training centers “Dubai School” and “Esiaha School”, in both centers we prepare hundreds of students with competences in different fields of hospitality and catering.
  • We offer free airport pickup to all our partners.
  • We provide you with food and drinks in our office during the recruitment interviews.

The general manager invites you to nice Moroccan restaurants. In addition to all this we are willing at any time to help with hotels booking, flights, and any other interview arrangement.


Feel free to send us a vacancy, and be sure we will contact you as soon as possible.

P.S: if you had difficulties filling the form, please feel free to contact us via our e-mail: , or via our phone numbers: +212661850549/ +212537777788

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